Clean. Bold. Loose. – IVANMAN 2014 A/W Collection – MBFW Berlin

Ivan Mandzukic seems to have struck a fine balance between austerity and casualness with his latest collection.

The 2014 A/W IVANMAN collection is mostly comprised of loose-fitting overcoats, blazers, sweatshirts and high waisted trousers. Not only are these loose-fitting garments synonymous with casual attire, but they also reinforce Mandzukic’s minimalist design philosophy: clean, bold lines. Many of these lines have been built into the design of each garment. Still others, however, are developing in real time–as loose-fitting garments readjust with the slightest touch, creating a new fold in one place just as another disappears.

Mandzukic’s reverence for form sets him apart from his contemporaries. Fashion has a tendency to not only hold the past in high regard, but also try to recreate it. Precedent, however, doesn’t seem to bother Mandzukic: as demonstrated by the use of turtlenecks and striped collar pieces in this collection, so as to accentuate the structure and length of each model’s neck. A bizarre, yet admirable flourish. Admirable because it has us wondering what will come next. Not just for Mandzukic and IVANMAN, but rather for fashion as a whole.

* All photographs were taken by me, Shipra Harbola Gupta.


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