The Future is Now – BCBGMAXAZRIA 2014 A/W Collection – NYFW

Leather and fur bring to mind Trinity’s bodysuit in The Matrix Trilogy and the enormous coat worn by Rachael in Blade Runner. Comprised exclusively of dresses, skirts, long tunics and coats, Max Azria’s 2014 A/W collection reimagines cyberpunk as an expression of the present and how technology has shaped the lives we live here and now.

Using bold, asymmetrical lines and a neutral color palette Azria creates minimalist designs that can be worn during the day and into the night. The transitional quality of these designs—including the dress with the striped black leather tunic on top and chiffon skirt on the bottom—is indicative of how technology and the ability to connect all the time has resulted in the spontaneous collapse of all communication barriers. When we are at work, we are also at home. When we are alone at home, we are still connected with the rest of the world. Armed with mobile phones and laptops, each individual is, at once, more powerful and vulnerable than ever before.

Azria’s designs, however, provide us with a possible solution to this technological paradox for their transitional quality eases the burden of the connected cosmopolitan lady—allowing her to prioritize the more important decisions of life because no matter what, she’ll always look fabulous.


So this Anne Hathaway dress fiasco is getting out of hand…

In light of all the controversy surrounding Anne Hathaway’s Oscar wardrobe, it’s only fitting that I come to the defense of my short haired comrade in the inaugural post on my blog.

Ms. Hathaway looked stunning yesterday evening at the Oscars in her pale pink Prada gown. The boatneck front and dramatic back paired up wonderfully with her short hair. A simple, yet also very refined selection for the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway (Pulled from

Anne Hathaway
(via US Magazine)

Having said all that, here is my simple answer to all you haters out there: EVERYONE HAS NIPPLES.

You took health and biology right? I’m pretty sure that between both of those classes, nipples were probably a part of some discussion.

Not only do we all have nipples, but we also possess a skill called logic–well I can’t say everyone possesses the latter, but we’ll just leave it at that for now.

Clothes don’t always do what we want them to do. We may button, zip, pin and even tape all we like, but at the end of the day, it is the environment around us that determines whether or not our outfit remains intact.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve worn a bandeau under a sheer blouse and had it slip down in public. Awful, isn’t it? But we tell ourselves its worth it in the end–all in the name of looking stylish.

Gentlemen, don’t even get me started. It doesn’t matter if you nip slip. In fact, I would say that in our gym obsessed culture it’s highly encouraged. When you’re not taking off your shirt, you’re permitted to wear clothes in public that may or may not expose your nipples. Us ladies on the other hand–we are expected to live by the ever confusing motto of “show just enough, but just not too much.”

Wardrobe malfunctions happen. I’m ashamed of all the ladies out there who were quick to attack Ms. Hathaway. We’ve got to stick together–not turn one of our own into an object of ridicule.

It’s hypocritical in my opinion–ragging on a a celebrity for exposing too much of his or her body when we live in a culture where we thrive on admiring celebrity body parts. It’s almost March and we’re entering open season on whose got the best beach body. So give it a rest people. Ms. Hathaway deserves to enjoy her award without having to listen to your amateur comments.